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A comfort quilt from devoted friends
and their human parents.

A pillow for their human parents.

Christening gift.

The customer-supplied, genuine African fabric highlights the pictures of the wedding couple on a missionary trip to Africa before the Big Day. A fitting wedding gift.

A First Birthday gift showing the important events that happened during the year.

A wonderful display of a family pictures over the generations.

Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt

A good use for unused Harley Davidson t-shirt is to make a quilt out of the fronts, and sometimes even the backs, of the shirts. Even a couple of pockets were put to use to add interest.
Individual photos of a class were put together on a quilt for a school auction.

T-shirts were arranged randomly for a unique looking quilt.

 Earth tones were the natural choice of colors for this lap sized quilt using photographs of animals.  
Ongoing sports activities was the theme of this quilt made with school colors as a graduation gift.

 This queen sized quilt was made in a collage style.

 A lucky mom can keep warm in memories with this lap sized quilt exhibiting pictures of her daughter and granddaughter.
 This wedding gift was created using the couple’s respective college colors along with photographs of them through the years.

Wallhanging made from family members'
drawings given as a 50th anniversary gift.

Queen size quilt made as a  keepsake
from children's clothing and photos.

Queen size quilt made as a  keepsake from
children's clothing and photos.
A graduation gift using photographs, sayings, and fabrics that are meaningful to the recipient.
 This quilt seems like a mini photo album because of the variety of pictures.

  A queen sized quilt could be made from a small number of t-shirts by adding more fabric around them. An embroidered block was added to personalize it.
A sentimental verse highlights the family photos on this wall hanging. The tiny white flowers were from the trim of the mother’s wedding dress.
 This 60 x 60 wall hanging was made with photographs of automobiles that a car enthusiast restored.

  Family photographs are incorporated into a hot air balloon for a wall hanging for a youngster’s room with the toddler’s picture at the controls.
christmas tree skirt

Graduation gift.

1st Anniversary gift from a husband to his wife.

Christening gift.